agnieszka betkowska

Agnieszka Betkowska


Agnieszka Betkowska is the founder and CEO of A&P Estate Group. With over 17 years experience at international corporations, Agnieszka has a thorough understanding on how to negotiate, manage, support and display the highest level of service to her clients. She has achieved these tremendous attributes by completing such studies as:


Degrees in chemistry and management.


Post graduate studies in strategic marketing, psychology in business managerial coaching.


International Practitioner Business Coach (Norman Benett Academy, European Mentoring & Coaching Council, European Quality Award).

In her lifestyle, Agnieszka combines timeless classic with modernity. Her attention to the smallest detail, dynamic personality and consistency allow her to achieve her goals.

For Agnieszka, ethics and professionalism are key qualities both at work and in her personal life.

Agnieszka is a active member of the Warsaw Association of Real Estate Brokers. Her license number for the Polish Real Estate Federation is 26229.

Agnieszka Bętkowska-Kabacińska
Founder/CEO of A&P Estate Group